Lisbon  IRNet  Seminar

January 2015

Use of ICT and e-learning tools in academic environment

Lisbon University
Lisbon University Faculty of Sciences

FCCN - Foundation for Science and Technology 

Champalimaud Foundation

Prof. Pedro Veiga documentation
e-Ciencia - English Versionpptx
Geant Expert Group Report Sept 2011 FINAL
Riding The Wave – Report

  • “Evaluation of e-learning implementation in opinion of the future pedagogues”

    Prof.ª Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska

  • “E-learning Environment Today”
    Tatiana Noskova , Tatiana Pavlova , Olga Yakovleva
    Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia


  • “E-portfolio as an instrument for assessing the level of ICT competence of a university teacher”,
    Profs. Nataliia Morze, Olga Vaselovska
    Kieve University, Ukraine


  • “New format of electronic data for academic use”
    Profs. Maryna Romanjukha


How to improve your presentation and didactic videos
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IRNET Research team Socialization in Portugal

IRNet socialization in Portugal Part I
Wellcome lunche at Lisbon river side, Porto Brandão, Fish fondue
The best moments of socialization

IRNet socialization in Portugal  Part II
Setúbal Peninsula Visit
The best moments of socialization

IRNet socialization in Portugal Part III
The Visit to Óbidos, Peniche, Wine farme
The best moments of socialization

IRNet socialization in Portugal Part IV
The Visit to Ericeira, and Goodbye meetings
The best moments of socialization

Portugal over view by air

2 comentários:

  1. Dear colleagues and partners, all the events were really interesting and useful. Especially important were the following events: the study and analysis of the main features of electronic environment of Lusiada University; the visit to FCCN; the the Faculty of Medicine (Lisbon University); the seminar seminar “Use of ICT and e-Learning tools in academic environment”.

  2. Dear colleagues and partners, thank you very much for a possibility to meet with extraordinary people and to get new precious experience! It was a pleasure for us to get acquainted with prof. Pedro Veiga and specialists from FCCN and Champalimaud Foundation! And of course thank you for all your work in organizing and conducting
    Scientific seminar Use of ICT and e-Learning tools in academic environment.
    Thank you!!!
    Sincerely, team from Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University!